The Festival

Spice it Up!

Our chilli sauce traders will bring you the best chilli sauces, dips, jams and chutney that the UK and beyond has to offer. From hot chilli sauces that will blow your head off, to milder concoctions that just make the tongue tingle, we’ve got it covered. Need a spice mix for a mid-week fajita, or a spice rub for your barbecued brisket at the weekend.? We’ve got that too. Check out our list of exhibitors to see who’ll be there.

Grillin’ (and chillin’)

If you want more than throwing another snag on the barbie, come and see our BBQ demonstrations and competitions.  Check out the latest home smokers; chat about the best charcoal, the best cooking temperatures, the best recipes and the best rubs. If you’re bored of burnt sausages and floppy burgers then you’re in for a treat.

Get competitive!

Over the weekend we’ll be holding a BBQ competition, two chilli eating competitions, a chilli-con-carne cook-off and we’ll also give you the opportunity to be the judge in our chilli and BBQ sauce competitions.

Talks and Cooking demos

Eaten too many ribs?!  Take a seat in the Talk Tent and listen to chilli growing experts, BBQ  pros and local chefs share their wisdom. They’ll all answer your questions and they might even need a helping hand on stage.

Not so hot……

Even we can’t live on chillies and BBQs alone, so we’ll have lots of other exciting foods to try and buy, from flavoured spirits, hot gooey flapjacks with clotted cream, biltong, charcuterie, artisan breads, cheese, naked bacon and ceramics.


We’re planning a great selection of streetfood caterers, from smoked ribs and Devon Ruby steak burgers to freshly made Thai curries, to authentic American pit BBQ.

BBQ Competition – Saturday

We are open for teams to enter the barbecue competition, comprising of 4 rounds: Ribs, Chicken, Burgers and Chef’s Choice. Bring your kit with you and get cooking, and after judging the public can try your food. Prizes for the winner of each round and for the overall winner. Email us for more info on

Chilli Cook-off Competition – Sunday

If you think you can cook a mean chilli-con-carne (or vegetarian chilli), well here’s your chance to prove it. Run by the UK Chilli Cook-off Association, in aid of the children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent, this is your chance to compete against other teams to make the best gallon of chilli-con-carne in 4 hours. All preparation and cooking to be done onsite at the DFSF on Sunday 19th August. To register your team visit Chilli Cook-off Association’s website. So get a couple of friends together, perfect your recipe and enter your team now. Festival visitors can buy a spoon for charity to sample all the entries! Limited number of spoons available!

Chilli Eating Competition

Open to members of the public in it purely for the kudos of being a Devon Fire & Spice Chilli-eating Champion, the chilli eating competitions take place at 4.00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Run by the amazing Clifton Chilli Club , the rules are simple: the chillies start with mild, and get hotter, and hotter, and hotter! You have 2 minutes to finish each chilli, and you may not drink anything during the competition, no matter how good that chilled pint of milk in front of you looks! Last person standing (or sitting) wins.

Entries open 2 weeks before the event, follow us on Facebook for updates.

BBQ and Chilli Sauce Competitions

Your chance to be the judge in our fun Sauce Competition. Make your way to the sauce competition tent to taste and vote on BBQ and chilli sauces made by the traders themselves.

Who Are We?

The Devon Fire & Spice Festival is brought to Powderham Castle by the creators of the Great Dorset Chilli Festival, the award-winning specialist food festival since 2011 held in Wimborne St Giles in east Dorset. It’s too much fun to only have one chilli festival so this year we are launching the Great Kent Chilli Festival too. But lucky old Devon gets a double whammy: a chilli and barbecue festival, set in parkland between a castle and the sea.